José Simón Elarba: Taking care of our dogs’ business

José Simón Elarba: Taking care of our dogs and our city

When people walk their dogs on the streets and parks, they should bring with them a little bag, in a way to put into it the natural waste of their pets. It seems natural for some people in Third World countries, to leave on the streets their “dogs’ gifts” for the rest of the community they are living with. But is that good?
            In a way to maintain the cleanliness of our cities, José Simón Elarba points out that citizens should take some advices like:
  1. Bringing their dog waste with them, until they get to the nearest dump
  2. Teach their dogs to urinate in natural green spaces.
José Simón Elarba: Taking care of our dogs’ business

[José Simón Elarba] Litter Sign

            Sometimes, people forget about it and then all the streets of the city (could be any city) seems like a huge bathroom, but the rest of the community don’t need to see that mess caused by these people’s dogs.
            If you have a dog, and you love it and you care about it, and you see it as a child, so take care of it like if it was one. The entire city will thank you and all the other people that start to be careful and considered with all the rest the citizens that live in that community.
            Remember that having a clean city, clean streets, and clean parks, would call the attention of many tourists that decides for whatever reason to visit your city. Having clean streets represents the good image that all people want to show about themselves as a community and in the end that would bring:
  •  Economical happiness
  • Good values in our kids’ minds and hearts
  • Valuable lessons to everybody
  • good environment for everybody
José Simón Elarba: Taking care of our dogs’ business

[José Simón Elarba] Owner taking care of his dog

            We need to understand that the natural process that our dogs have, as many others animals and human beings, is certainly good, but being a good citizen is also good and much better in the end.
-José Simón Elarba