José Simón Elarba: Short story, Love for the Ocean


José Simón Elarba: A short story that could make people think about what they should do when it refers to water contamination.
Once upon a time, there was a girl that was in love with the sea. Although, for many people, it is too much to say that somebody is in love with something so big, something as huge as the sea, but she was. So, indeed, she was the kind of girl that every day, after school, liked to visit the beach and play in the sand and swim in the water. She was happy doing that. She was so happy every time she was on the beach that she used to sit after swimming in the pier and just contemplate the horizon, until the sunset.
Happiness cannot last forever:
That is lovely, right? But, one day, the same girl got sick and nobody knew why she was so ill. She had something in her skin, and with time she got worse. Nobody knew what was happening until it was too late. She died and her family was devastated; also her friends, but especially her special friend: a boy that came from the water. Yes, from the water. He was a special creature that knew her for a long time. They were best friends and he liked to talk with her and to know more and more about her world.
The boy that came from the ocean:
José Simón Elarba: Short story, Love for the Ocean
He was the son of a mermaid and an ancient creature, also from the water that inherited him powers beyond his origins, but he was in pain because of the contaminated water. Today’s world was fabricating many ships and boats that were using a lot of oil and that was killing the life underwater.
The human girl that he was in love with, was trying to help him when she falls  in a  pit full of water infested with chemicals and hazardous substances from ships that frequented the shore.
He wanted revenge:
As whoever person that feels something for another human being, he wanted to do something for her that commemorated her memory. So, he used all his magic he had left for cleaning the water and avoiding ships to contaminate it.  He also wanted to start killing people that weren’t from that place, but the girl’s memory stopped him or stopped those thoughts in his head.
As whatever story that is in our books or in our heads, we have to learn from it and start being green and stop being indifferent about the sea. Remember:
  • water is life, and
  • the sea is the major life producer for our Planet;
  • we have to take care of it.
José Simón Elarba: Short story, Love for the Ocean

-Jose Simon Elarba