José Simón Elarba: Recycling process, studying the steps

José Simón Elarba – Recycling, a great habit for the future

José Simón Elarba: We need to understand better how to reuse an give another life to all the things we have. In this way, we could have hopes of having a better Planet.

We all know that recycling is one of the most important process inside ecology. If we try to give it a definition, we could say that is a process with a physiological part and it has chemistry involved and also some mechanist elements that make whatever thing to be used again as a new one. Another definition could be: it is the obtaining of raw material through the waste that is introduced again in the life process.
Recycling is used when there are a limited number of natural resources and also to eliminate all the waste.
José Simón Elarba points out that recycling has some parts like:
José Simón Elarba: Recycling process, studying the steps

José Simón Elarba – Recycling Process

  • You need to see if the object has a domestic origin or it was an industrial material.
  • The recovering of the material could be done for a public entity or a private company. The important thing is to have all the waste to bring it to the next level.
  • The industries, in which the material is combined in a way to make the transportation cheaper, are optional.
  • Then you have the industries in which the material is classified and separated.
  • And finally, in the last part you have the waste that is transformed to have a new life.
When the recycling is done at home, usually people have different containers for the material. It should be like this:
  • Yellow container: plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
  • Blue container: papers and beverages cartons, etc.
  • Green container: glasses.
  • Brown container: organic waste.
  • Red container: dangerous things like batteries, cell phones, all kind of oils, syringes.
Also, it is important to remember that there are three rules for recycling and these are:
  • Reduce: to avoid in some way that things transform with time in any kind of waste.
  • Reuse: Give a second chance to the things we have.
  • Recycling: It is well explained before.
Remember that the recycling process is very important for us as a society and we must continue making an effort for having a better Planet.


José Simón Elarba: Recycling process, studying the steps

José Simón Elarba – How Recycling Works

-José Simón Elarba