José Simón Elarba: Our Only Home Needs You

José Simón Elarba – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

José Simón Elarba: If you recycle the stuff you would commonly throw away, then you will have a better planet.

The topic of recycling is important for every life form and as long as you are one, then it will be important for you as well.
Consider that there are plenty of people around there who have been throwing their garbage almost everywhere they can do so. That is never good and if you really want a better planet, a better life and a better situation in general, then you should understand the importance that this attitude toward the planet has.
José Simón Elarba: Our Only Home Needs You

José Simón Elarba – Recycling Tshirt

José Simón Elarba: Recycling is not only a matter of being especially nice with nature and loves it, this takes dedication and a lot of determination so that it could be achieved in a righteous way. Of course, you will almost not do anything particularly different if you just recollect thrash in your neighborhood (which is good ok?). You will need to understand more things that you could do.
Turn off the lights, turn off electricity you don’t use, avoid using hot water. All of these ones will reduce your electrical consumptions and the other good thing is that you would be saving some money in the long term!
Avoid using insecticide. That is because when you use them, you are liberating some venomous chemicals that are as good for the planet as poison is for your body.
José Simón Elarba: Our Only Home Needs You

José Simón Elarba – Think Green

Try to use less TV. Even if you think it is kind of odd, using your TV is actually not a good thing for the planet. This is also similar to the electricity thing and avoids TV more often because by doing so you would be a lot healthier, you would do different stuff and you would reduce electricity usage. It is said in a different paragraph because this issue has been hard for many people to stop and it “deserves” its own space.
Remember to recycle and live better!

-Jose Simon Elarba